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Law Notion enables policymakers to easily understand the regulation landscape and design better regulations.

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Law Notion Research is a regulations analytics web application that allows users to gain insights from regulations easily.
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Use dynamic filters, groupings and keyword search to create custom chart and tables.




Analyse regulations further using sorting, drill-down and summary view.




View, download or save reports to present targeted insights.


Why Do Policymakers Need Law Notion?

With better insights into the regulation landscape, policy makers can have a much more in-depth understanding of the regulations, combined with policymakers’ field knowledge in regulating businesses and making a balance in the society, policy makers can design better regulatory systems.
For a typical policy research task, the current method involves talking to 5- 15 people (avg. 1 hour each) and can take from 2 weeks to 3 months. Using this tool, users can get insights instantly, save 10 to 30 hours on each task & shorten the timespan from 2 weeks/3 months to minutes.
Instead of getting subjective regulation insights, e.g. businesses in financial markets have the most regulation burdens, which are mostly derived from surveys. Using this tool, users can quantify the burdens by getting the actual number of regulations and their corresponding complexity score in each sector and make comparisons.
Sometimes regulation intelligences were gathered by outsourcing the task to external consultancies or conducted by contractors, and the amount can range between £10,000 to £100,000 for each policy research task. Using this tool, users can conduct regulation analysis and research on their own without spending additional budgets and resources.
Rather than relying on published research reports, other businesses’ opinions (which contain bias), or asking colleagues (which is based on subjective experience). Using our tool, users can get the complete picture of the regulation landscape without bias.

Explore Regulations From Different Angles

Powerful & flexible research, easily create chart or search for results.

Analyse regulatory landscape on different sectors e.g finance, manufacturing.
Understand regulations on different policy topics, e.g. consumer protection, workers welfare.
Easily compare and analyse similar regulations containing conflicting or duplicating requirements.
Understand the cumulative and incremental regulation changes.
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Simulate Regulation Impact

Create a draft regulation, simulate its impact and analyse.

When planning to introduce a new policy, easily see the changes in regulatory landscape on different sectors and policy topics.
Detect any similar regulations (i.e. to avoid overlap) and related regulations (i.e. know which department you might need to collaborate with).
When simulating amendments or revocation, flag the target regulation’ related Act, SI, amendments, departments etc.

Experience a Smarter Way to Analyse Regulations

With All-in-one regulation research platform.