Law Notion

AI-powered legal intelligence, advanced analysis on regulation and case law, customised analysis on legal documents.

Our Solutions

Derived from our proprietary AI algorithms and law database, we offer different solutions for specific legal research.

Legislation analytics web solution to analyse regulatory landscape


Case law and statute research web solution to prepare client’s case

In-house Legal Team

Legal intelligence web application to ensure compliance

Custom Development

Utilise technologies to augment workflow and analysis

Regulation Analysis

Powerful & flexible research, easily create chart or search for results.
Analyse regulatory landscape on different sectors e.g finance, manufacturing.
Understand regulations on different policy topics, e.g. consumer protection, workers welfare.
Easily compare and analyse similar regulations containing conflicting or duplicating requirements.
Understand the cumulative and incremental regulation changes.
A laptop with a computer and a brain connected to it.
An image of a judge's scale with digital icons.

Case Law Analysis

Powered by AI, search, digest and analyse case law more efficiently and effectively.

Find relevant precedents from specific keyword or topics in seconds.
Quickly find the conclusion, cited case, regulatory base etc.
Analyse historical success rate of similar cases and the average claim compensation/fine/imprisonment.

Custom Development

Utilising our existing algorithms and knowledge in Generative & Extractive AI to develop customised solution for your specific needs, for example:
For example, group regulations based on specific standards/topics to gather the exhaustive list of regulatory requirements specific to each category.
For example, identify anomaly in contracts, emerging trends in cases.
For example, streamline and automate drafting, reviewing.
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