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Smarter Legal Research

Law Notion helps lawyers conduct legal research more efficiently & effectively.
Quickly Find Relevant Precedents
Easily Analyse Cases
Better Defence for Clients
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Case Law Analysis

Powered by AI, search, digest and analyse case law more efficiently and effectively.
Find relevant precedents from specific keyword or topics in seconds.
Quickly find the conclusion, cited case, regulatory base etc.
Analyse historical success rate of similar cases and the average claim compensation/fine/imprisonment

Regulation Analysis

Navigate through the complex regulatory landscape and easily identify regulatory base for your clients.
Get an exhaustive list of regulatory requirements applicable to specific business activities, clearly understand the obligations and rights of your clients.
Read synopsis of the lengthy regulations with clear understanding of what you/your clients have to do or cannot do, what the authorities’ powers and duties are, and identify related regulations to be reviewed together.
Clearly Identify severity of non-compliance penalty, e.g. how much fine and/or imprisonment.
Stay informed of any upcoming regulatory changes, or upcoming new regulations (e.g. consultation, bills, draft regulations).
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