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About Law Notion™

Law Notion™ is a LegalTech company that utilises AI to automatically analyse case law, regulation and contracts to provide actionable insights. Law Notion was born out of Innovate UK competition to use AI to uncover insights from law and facilitate clearer understanding of law.

Our Mission

Law Notion enables better regulation to enhance societal well-being, eliminate hurdles to innovation and minimise costs to business owners, workers and consumers everywhere.


Our Vision

When balancing regulation, so that it delivers on policy whilst supporting an efficient & competitive market, all stakeholders must have access to high-quality information for better cause and effect diagnostics. Artificial Intelligence will play a central role in this revolution, allowing policymakers and industry unprecedented capability to identify improvements. Law Notion will sit at the centre of this revolution.

Journey Highlights

Law Notion was born out of a Innovate UK competition sponsored by the former Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, to use AI to analyse regulations and developed regulation intelligence applications for policymakers to analyse regulations.

Law Notion onboarded policymakers from Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and Economists from The Office for National Statistics (ONS) to use Law Notion to conduct regulation analysis.

Law Notion expands solutions to help lawyers conduct legal research and is collaborating with the British Institute of international and Comparative Law to conduct pilot testing.

Law Notion was selected to participate in the Innovate UK Global Incubator programme, partnered with Legal Innovation Zone, to expand our services to Canada.

Law Notio’s CEO & Co-founder Jessie was selected to the Vantage Female SaaS Accelerator program 2023 Cohort and is also a member of the Barclays Eagle Labs program.

Our Leadership Team

Law Notion was founded by Jessie and Dr Gabrijel.

With a PhD in data science, Dr Gabrijel has more than 12 years of experience in AI technologies. With MSc in Finance, Jessie has more than 8 years of experience in managing and developing AI and data related products.

We also have a team of experienced legal experts, data engineers and developers to support our customers and continue development and improvement of our solutions.

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